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True definition of “Success”

While attending a fundraiser event in Los Angeles, I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely ladies behind Dollhouse Lashes. Ashley and Tommie. We instantly bonded as we envisioned the same mission of #beautyinandout #philanthropy #happiness.

Dollhouse Lashes was founded by these two best friends with a passion for beauty, art, and making people feel good. Their love for the industry started as kids, doing hair and makeup on each other at sleepovers. After starting a freelance company doing hair and makeup, they decided to give back by donating their time and resources to local cancer agencies. Their goal was to ease the battle of every day beauty struggles for woman during chemotherapy. Watching and learning the many hardships woman were encountering with the loss of their eyelashes, Dollhouse decided to create a lash that was natural, affordable and looked undetectable. On top of creating a solid product, Dollhouse focused on a message that would help boost confidence and spread self empowerment.

From making people feel beautiful with hair and makeup services through DOLLHOUSE HAIR AND MAKEUP DESIGN, to providing a product for at home use, Dollhouse wants nothing more than to provide every person with love, strength and happiness. True success is having the satisfaction of helping others while following your passion and achieving your own happiness. Ashley and Tommie go to work everyday doing what they love and also help others feel Happy!!! Thank you Ladies for all you do and your big hearts!

The Average price of the lashes are about $8.00.

Lashes are cruelty free, hand-tied with synthetic fibers. Bands are flexible and thin for maximum comfort and long wearability. Lashes are reusable with minimum 3 to 5 uses. $1.00 per classic beauty sold is donated back to local cancer resource centers. These lashes were created and designed by industry artists that understand customers’ needs.

The three lash designs of the creative collection currently featured to our Happy Dot Box subscribers are:

Boss Lady - A strong but delicate, wispy lash for the strong willed individual. Inspired to dominate and take names while doing it.

Goal Digger - A dramatic lash for the goal driven individual. Inspired for you to reach goals and obtain the unobtainable.

Classic Beauty – a classic lash to enhance natural beauty for any individual. Inspired to boost self confidence in your own skin.

This style was the the first eyelash created in the Beauty by Dollhouse Lashes line.

“We will never forget the day we tried the classic beauty prototype on one of the women at the cancer resource center. It was at one of our monthly beauty support groups we run. Usually at these support groups we talk about product knowledge, do eyebrow tutorials, answer any questions, and offer tips on hair loss, makeup, skin care etc. This particular day we had a woman tell us she didn’t like looking at herself in the mirror because she didn’t have eyelashes.

We looked at each other because we had been talking about and researching what it would take to start an eyelash line. We pulled out one of the lashes we had liked and asking if she would like a tutorial on false eyelash application. We applied the eyelashes and they looked amazing! You couldn’t even tell they were false eyelashes, they looked so natural. She looked in the mirror, and the look on her face was something we will never forget. She beamed from ear to ear, looked up at us teary eyed and said ‘yes! I feel so beautiful’ that moment was when Dollhouse Lashes became a reality and will forever be in our hearts.”

If you are not a Happy Dot Box subscriber and did not have the pleasure of trying these amazing lashes, you can order from their website

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