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About Happy Dot Box

Happy Dot Box is a lifestyle brand that delivers happiness to your doorstep monthly. Every month is themed with luxury deluxe sample sized beauty products. When opening your Happy Dot Box you will discover messages that promote inner beauty and happiness intended for yourself-improvement. Our Happy team curates the most prestigious beauty items from around the world. Happy Dot Box is all about giving back and heightening social awareness about different non-profit organizations. Every month a different charity will receive 5% of your membership fee.

Our Mission Is...

To make our subscribers feel beautiful on the inside and out by using premium cosmetics as a bridge between our beauty conscious consumer and non-profit organizations who are doing incredible things on a global scale!

Our Logo

The beautiful Sea Green color of the Happy Dot Box reminds us of the tranquil feeling of water and serenity. The polka-dots invoke life’s eternal beginnings and ends, reminding us we can always change and evolve. And, if you look closely, you’ll find a happy face embedded in the logo.

Why Happiness?

It has been theorized that 60 percent of happiness is determined by our environment while the other 40 percent is up to us. We have included that in our mission to help others focus on their happiness regardless of their environment through a positive and empowering gift included in each monthly box.

Caring is Giving

Happy Dot Box subscribers know they are giving back each month to a different charity. Opening our minds and learning about non-profits expands our hearts. Being charitable is a positive message we send as human beings, and it shows.

Are you ready to join the Happy Dot Box experience?